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JCustom FX Fixed Bridge

HeadlessUSA is proud to be the exclusive USA distributor for the full line of products from JCustom manufacturing. All of their parts are of very high quality and they're also quite affordable.

The FX bridge is a fixed-bridge alternative to the TransTrem and "S"-Trems vibratos that were installed on most of the Steinberger guitars built in the USA in the 1980's and early 1990's. All of these bridges have the exact same "footprint", which makes these FX bridges easy to install.
In some cases the FX bridge may require a shim to raise it to the correct height on your guitar. This is a fairly easy job for the "do-it-yourselfer" or you can have the work done by any competent guitar tech. Many players prefer a fixed bridge for its tone and sustain characterstics. Tuning is usually more accurate and "hardtails" typically reduce issues when bending (or breaking) strings. Price includes mounting screws, and allen wrench for bridge adjustment.
We're also interested in taking older Steinberger TT's and "S"-trems in trade, whether they're working or just for parts. Please feel free to CONTACT US to discuss options.
Shipping within the U.S.   -   $10
International Shipping   -   $25
*Upgraded shipping options will be available for selection upon checkout.
Includes JCustom FX bridge, mounting screws, and allen wrench
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