The Ultimate Headless Guitar & Bass Resource

Natalie Thayer

A small but passionate network of collectors has kept headless-guitar design alive. Two of which were Headless USA's Donald Greenwald (Headless USA) and Jeff Babicz (Babicz Guitars). Headless USA has been ground zero for buying and selling classic, U.S.-made Steinbergers, accessing hard-to-find headless hardware and strings, restorations, and anything one might need on a headless guitar journey. Greenwald unfortunately passed away in late 2022 but he left Headless USA to his dear friend and guitar confidant, Natalie Thayer. Still teamed with Babicz (who worked in the original Steinberger factory), Thayer's goal is to honor her friend's legacy by playing a major role in the current popularity of headless guitars.

"I've had heart-to hearts with Ned about the future of the the headless guitar business," says Thayer. "I want to put some fresh, grassroots effort into revitalizing it. This headless resurgence is the perfect opportunity. I think it's going to be like the Les Paul and the Strat. I see a huge future for headless guitars, and I think it's only just begun."

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