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JCustom XS-Tremolo V#2 

We're pleased to announce that we are now stocking the new JCustom XS-Trem Version #2. This is an excellent quality drop-in replacement tremolo that fits the cutout for the S-Trem and TransTrem on all original Steinberger guitars.

Many of the original S-Trems and TransTrems have failed over time and there's finally a high-quality replacement that works. The engineers at JCustom have just released this new and improved version, and we're happy to be authorized to carry them here at HeadlessUSA.
We're also interested in taking older Steinberger TT's and "S"-trems in trade, whether they're working or just for parts. Please feel free to CONTACT US to discuss options.
includes V#2 tremolo, tremolo arm, 4 mounting screws and allen wrench
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